Monday, September 28, 2009

La vida Ecuatoriana

I haven't added an update for about a week... but I've pretty much just been working and going to class. Everything is going well! I'm really liking my internship still, and we haven't been too overloaded with homework yet.
As there is not much to update on, here are just a few cultural things I’ve been noticing:

Panty lines and PDA-- they're everywhere

No one ever, ever, wears shorts or sandals here. And if you see someone who is, they are definitely foreign. (or it’s while exercising in the parks on the weekends).

Guests are very important, and always welcome. Some guests also help out around the house by doing the dishes after a meal, tidying up the house, folding the laundry. (In my household anyway) But it’s not expected here. I always try to help but usually I’m turned down.

People seem to find the need to call me “niña” (child), for instance while I’m getting yelled at for using the bathroom only for customers, or when I’ve tried to tell the cab driver that he was lost (when he definitely was). I hate it.

It never fails, my mom always leaves me breakfast in the morning because my family all is out of the house before I wake up (which isn’t even very late, I’m up by 8!).

We don’t drink with our meals, or wait for everyone to be seated before we start. And my mom always is shuffling around making sure everyone has what they need before, during, and after she eats.

It’s a city, so people here dress pretty trendy. Skinny jeans, flats, high heels, and converse. I’d say European-ish. But good luck buying these kinds of clothes if you didn’t bring them. If it’s not from Ecuador, it’s suuper expensive. Anything imported is way over priced.

It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I will always get started at.

Breast-feeding is not a private action. Anywhere.

I don’t care how cute the kids are, I do not like when they follow me around trying to sell me things. I could go broke buying gum and candy.

Who the @%&# would want that?? (referring to a ceramic dog or other random trinket someone else is trying to sell me on the street)

If you’re 20 minutes late for something with Ecuadorians, it’s really okay. If the other person is there already, they only arrived 2 minutes before.

It's popular to add "ito" or "ita" to the end of words. Adding it to the end of a name signifies affection. Names are also shortened when this can't be done- I'm Nati to my family and people I work with. I'm really starting to like it :)

Honking. They do it like it’s their job. Not a fan

After reading this...I realize a lot of it sounds pretty negative! I don't mean for's all just stuff I'm getting used to. I love the life's all great :)

I'm going to Yasuni national park in the Amazon rainforest this weekend...stay tuned for details!


  1. Natalie! Hang in there...and bring me some gum if you have to (smiles). It soundos like your trip has been sweet so far...totally checked out your videos of bicycles (smiles). Take care, Mir

  2. Did Torrey ever tell you about the breast-feeding chair in the middle of the median? If she hasn't yet, you should def. ask her about it.

    Although I kinda just ruined the punchline! Oops.

  3. I love this :) Probably my favorite post so far :)

  4. lol i like this post too! it feels like a heads up for me when i get there. are you as excited as me??!