Sunday, September 6, 2009

Iglesias y bicicletas!

Me gustan muchos los domingos! A ‘ciclopaseo’ takes place very Sunday in Quito. Throughout the morning into the afternoon, many streets are blocked off to make a safe path for cyclists. There are usually about 40,000 people that ride in the ciclopaseo each week. This event is suuuper awesome; it’s put on by the organization “ciclopolis”, which is where I think I’ll be doing my internship. It’s a great way to promote biking in the city; many different people get involved. Today our group went on a tour of Historic Quito on bikes. Yes, 16 of us in one group (18 counting our guides). It was great. We rode around the city and stopped at 2 churches; the Basilica (the video shows the view of the city from the top of a tower- sorry it was so windy!) and La Compañía. They were both quite amazing. The view from the different towers of the Basilica was incredible. I’m not afraid of heights, but it was scary climbing up these super-sketch outdoor ladders in order to get to the tops of the towers. We climbed so many! And so many stairs. But it was worth it. Under the Basilica are the tombs of past presidents. We were touring with a woman whose Godfather’s tomb was there! La Compañía is a beautiful church; the inside is plated with 7 tons of gold. The sight was breathtaking. This 16th century structure took 163 years to complete, and it is the most ornate church in the country. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside, but I don’t think they would do it justice anyway. (Look it up on the internet!) I also really liked the paintings and School of Quito murals on the walls. Now that I’m an art history nut after last semester, I could actually appreciate the art. There was so much history there. We also saw the Historic city center- there were people everywhere! I tried 100% dark chocolate. It was disgusting. I do not recommend that. I’ve also been looking at buildings with my host mom in the past couple of days for a new Yoga studio. The views from some of them were amazing as well. I could live there. For sure.

Tomorrow We start actual classes. I also have my interview sometime this week with my internship. It’s more of a “get-to-know-you” chat”, and to make sure it is what I want to be doing. My parents think that ciclopolis is also located close to our house—that would be nice! Hm, I already have quite a bit of homework, so that’s probably what the rest of my day will consist of. I keep *almost* forgetting that I’m here to study, not just learn the language and travel! I think I’ll be back in the swing of things soon enough…



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  1. natalie, forget to study?? i don't believe it.. ;) looove you.